Since 1995 ANZSSA has been publishing a high quality professional journal which is published and distributed to ANZSSA members in April and October each year. All JANZSSA issues including the most recent issue is published online and can be accessed here.

Focussing on the role of support services in post-secondary education in enhancing student engagement, participation, wellbeing and success, JANZSSA publishes refereed and non-refereed papers, including Best Practice Case Examples, Discussion Papers, Reports, Reviews and Conversation Pieces.

Contributions from members and other interested readers are warmly invited. 

ANZSSA members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in JANZSSA (ANZSSA’s professional journal).  Articles once passed the editorial stage and approved for publication are given early allocation of a DOI and are then immediately published online prior to release within a JANZSSA Issue. Articles can be submitted as:

  1. Referred 
  2. Non-referred
  3. A professional practice report or reflection
  4. A Book review

Topics accepted for publication are relevant to the post-secondary education sector student services and support and include themes of:

  • advocacy and support,
  • retention and engagement,
  • students as partners strategies,
  • student volunteer programs,
  • peer mentoring and student leadership programs,
  • student health and wellbeing initiatives,
  • student welfare,
  • student residential support/experiences,
  • student safety including sexual safety and the Respect. Now. Always campaign within Australian universities,
  • diversity and inclusion,
  • international and rural and regional student transition and adjustment and whole of cohort orientation, transition and adjustment programs,
  • boosting graduate capabilities via extra-curricular activities and programs,
  • focus on religious centre/chaplains etc.

First time authors and returning authors are encouraged and support for article preparation is provided by the JANZSSA editors. More information about submitting an article to JANZSSA can be found here.  Submissions are via the portal found here.