Professional Development

Professional Development

ANZSSA offers a range of professional development activities for members. Regional Groups and Professional Focus Groups are able to apply for funding to support professional development activities. An application for this funding must be submitted at least 60 days before the event is scheduled.

For further information download the Professional Development Proposal Request Form.

COVID Conversations

In June and July 2020, ANZSSA will be holding weekly online COVID Conversations for each of our Professional Focus Groups

This is an opportunity for ANZSSA members in similar roles to take part in a professional discussion about our response to COVID19 – how it impacted students and staff in higher education institutions and changes made to delivery of student services. These conversations will focus on lessons learnt and future challenges and opportunities.  You will hear from a panel of staff and students from Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand) and will participate in conversations with colleagues.

These Tuesday COVID Conversations will be held on the Zoom platform 12noon – 1pm AEST.



PFG & Interest Groups


9 June 2020

Higher Education Health Providers
Members working in health centres in higher education institutions

The recording of the conversation and a written summary are available for members here

Kim-Jane Turudia

16 June 2020

Health Promoters
Members working in student wellbeing teams involved in health promotion

Paula Convery

23 June 2020

Members working with LGBTQIA+ and takatāpui students

Kim Copeland & Georgia Andrews

30 June 2020

Members working with Indigenous students

Caroline Spotswood, Dave Warrener & Jamie Hape

7 July 2020

Safe and Healthy Campus
Members working to develop safer communities in higher education

Sharon Andersen & Vanessa Cannon

14 July 2020

Financial Advisers
Members who provide financial advice and deliver programmes to reduce student hardship

Lisa Reynolds

21 July 2020

Members who are counsellors in higher education institutions

Orania Tokatlidis & Jeremy Cass

28 July 2020

Student Success
Members working in teams supporting students’ achievement and development
(eg. advising, transition, peer programmes, learning advisers, disability advisers, careers and employability advisers)

Jane Skalicky


Continuing the Conversations...

To enable the PFG's to continue the conversations following their Zoom catchup, we have established PFG portals on the ANZSSA website.  The portals can be used for online discussions as well as sharing files between the members of the group.  If you wish to be added to the portal for your relevant PFG/s, just complete the form below, and you will be sent details on how to access the portal.


Accessing the portal

Allow 2 business days to be given access to the portal/s after requesting to join.  Then, you will find the portals here - you will need to login using your email address and password (use the Forgot Password link if you don't know your password).  Once logged in, you will be able to select the group from the dropdown list - this will only show the group/s you are a member of.  

Once in the portal, you will see:

  • A list of all members in the portal - name and email address
  • Discussion forum - each post will send an email to all members of the group - to reply, you need to login to the portal and reply on the post
  • A file repository for storing documents accessible by all group members
  • Meetings/Events for the group will be listed under the Events tab

Don't hesitate to contact the ANZSSA office with any queries regarding the portals -