About Us

Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association Ltd., the peak professional organisation for staff in the post-secondary education sector in our region.

We provide development opportunities and sector representation for professional staff working in post-secondary education student engagement, student participation, wellbeing and development. The expertise is driven by the membership of the Association.

There are two main beneficiaries of the work of ANZSSA: our staff and our students. For students we focus on the development of skills and resources for staff to enable best practice within their institution around:

  • Improving the student experience and student learning
  • Supporting and empowering students to achieve their educational and life goals
  • Enhancing student wellbeing and development
  • Improving student success and persistence
  • Providing outreach to students at risk
  • Raising institutional student retention rates

For our staff we provide essential professional development opportunities and networking to:

  • Foster and promote student services expertise
  • Facilitate the general wellbeing of the institutional community
  • Participate in sector leading professional development and conference activities
  • Undertake exchange to international conferences and site tours
  • Develop best practice guidelines and resources
  • Support the development and distribution of knowledge

We have international links with partner organisations across the globe, and facilitate staff and student exchange and conference attendance. Professional interest groups and regional convenors develop bespoke programs relevant to their communities or regions of practice.

Please take the time to explore our website, review and peruse our resources and practice guidelines. We have both institutional and individual memberships available, and welcome all members, both new and returning.