University responses to enhancing equity in the post-Covid landscape.

11 February 2021

You are invited to participate in a research study funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE), titled University responses to enhancing equity in the post-Covid landscape.

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19 October 2020

ANZSSA publishes a professional journal, JANZSSA, in two issues per year. JANZSSA is free access and concentrates on the role that student services in post secondary education takes in enhancing student engagement, participation, wellbeing and success.

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Guidelines: Responding to the needs of staff and students with disability in COVID-19 return-to-campus planning for Australia’s tertiary institutions.

31 July 2020

The guidelines are available on the ADCET website. These Guidelines aim to complement your institution’s general approach to return to campus and enhance existing resources by ensuring that return-to-campus plans are viewed through a ‘disability inclusive lens’.

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Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education: Global Foundations, Issues, and Best Practices, 3rd ed - NOW AVAILABLE

29 June 2020

With 250 authors, advisers and editors from over 125 countries this book is a truly global collaborative effort to capture the diverse, significant and expansive theories, frameworks, practices, models and services provided by Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education across the globe. This comprehensive book is the reference book for scholars, researchers and practitioners across the globe on all matters related to Student Affairs in Higher Education. The informative chapters cover a vast breadth of issues including principles, values, theories and frameworks, professionalisation, research and scholarship, social justice, equality and gender issues, engagement, internationalization, retention and graduate competencies, governance and student participation, leadership and migration, a discussion of over 42 functional areas and almost 100 country reports. The authors are of the highest calibre and greatest diversity and share their formidable knowledge and experience, all detailing the immense impact Student Affairs and Services have in Higher Education across the globe. This 629 paged book is edited by Roger B. Ludeman (editor in chief) and Birgit Schreiber who have brought together a formidable collection of authors presenting a diverse lens and textured understanding of this essential part of Higher Education. Each author has contributed his and her experience making this a rich, comprehensive and compelling resource for all Higher Education across the globe.

JANZSSA April 2020 now available

04 May 2020

JANZSSA Volume 28, Issue 1, 2020 is now available. JANZSSA is dedicated to research and enhancing professional practice and the promotion of excellence in the delivery of student services within the Australia and New Zealand post-secondary sectors. So if you work in student services and putting the student at the centre of your day is your goal then JANZSSA is your professional journal.

JANZSSA is published twice yearly and relies heavily on the ANZSSA members and student services staff more broadly who submit articles for publication. Articles can be submitted for peer review to be published as a peer reviewed article or be submitted as an article that is approved for publication by the editorial process. Accepted articles via peer review are usually reporting on research, service or practice evaluation, or provided a substantial literature review. These articles may have been submitted for inclusion in an ANZSSA conference and been peer reviewed as part of that process. Articles that are not peer reviewed are usually outlining service innovation, best practice or making comment on service delivery, emerging practice or student needs. Book reviews are also welcomed. Submitting an article for publication in JANZSSA is encouraged as a professional development activity for anyone working in student services domains. Considerable support is offered by the editorial team so first time authors are encouraged to write about their work and the work of their service teams.

The number of articles able to be published in the April issue (1) were impacted by the arrival of the CoVid-19 and the resultant disruption to business as usual within the HE sector. The April 2020 edition of JANZSSA has been published and we are delighted to report that we received and were able to publish four articles. Congratulations are due to those ANZSSA members who rose to the occasion in these challenging times.

JANZSSA April 2019 now available

02 May 2019

JANZSSA Vol 27 Issue 1 April 2019 is now published online for your reading pleasure. The authors for this issue have devoted time and passion to sharing with you their research, literature reviews, student service activity, best practice examples, and benchmarking exercises.

The topics have been inspired by the RESPECT. NOW. ALWAYS. campaign, the student voice on sexual harassment, disclosure of experiences of disability, sexual health, support for students in residential communities, counselling service management and service delivery and much more.

Change the Course: National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universties (2017)

31 August 2017

At the request of Australia’s 39 universities, the Australian Human Rights Commission has conducted a national, independent survey of university students to gain greater insight into the nature, prevalence and reporting of sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities. The report, released on 1 August 2017 is available from the website below. ANZSSA president, Jordi Austin, wrote on behalf of all ANZSSA members, to Kate Jenkins, the Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Professor Margaret Gardner from Universities Australia, acknowledging the report and its significance. Her letter is available below.

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